Sunday, March 7, 2010

spring break is soon!

I'm dying to redye my hair before I go to Disneyland, but I'm trying to save money!

What do you think, dear readers- splurge the ten dollars to make my hair bright red again and look cute for Mickey, Minnie and the whole gang, or wait? After all, no one at Disneyland will care what my hair looks like as long as I'm happy!

Some of my red hair (back when it was long!):

And some great Disneyland images from weheartit!

Also, dear readers, I have a formspring now! Ask away!


  1. Yesss! Your hair is such a pretty red color :D I'm so jealous lol I wish we had Spring break

  2. @LanguageTimothy- I wish you could come with us to Spring Break haha! A blogger road trip!

  3. I love your red hair. Hope you have a fantastic spring break xx