Friday, March 19, 2010

spring break post: sunday

We had a 6 hour car trip from Tucson to Anaheim, California. We actually had a great car trip. We memorized words to Ludacris' songs. I went with my two roommates, who I love to death.
Squirtle came too.

We stopped by the Camazon? dinosaurs in California. It turns out there is a Creationist museum in the back. We all absolutely believe in evolution, but it was fun and totally hilarious to look at.

A knight fighting a dinosaur!

The first day was really wonderful. We just had a great time together inthe car, and once we got to Anaheim we traveled down to Downtown Disney to eat and shop. I bought my only souvenir on the trip, a gold Mickey Mouse ring.

But! I wish I had splurged and bought more stuff...

I'm DYING to start collecting vinyl toys, and these would have been a PERFECT way to start a collection...

...And I've wanted this book since it came out! It was too pricey at Disneyland and I'm hoping to find it someplace cheaper.

More pictures from Disneyland and the beach to follow!


  1. So fun!!
    You are making me miss disneyland! I used to go once a week :(

  2. @justinee- Once a week! That's incredible, how fun!

  3. Wow that evolution place looks awsumm ahaa :)

  4. @Language Timothy- Haha it was so silly!