Wednesday, January 27, 2010

you teach me & i'll teach you

Me and my beautiful roommate Sarah... This is unfortunately what I've been wearing a lot lately: jeans, messy hair, and a big grandma sweater.

Today, I'd like to talk about one of my favorite things of the moment: Pokemon. Since I've gotten my DSi, one of my FAVORITE games to play is Pokemon Platinum. I name my character names I wish I had (Talulla is her current moniker) and I always use to Piplup, who this time is named Pippin.

All images below are from here or here.

I watched the original show as a child...

...And when I got to college, my roommate Casie and her boyfriend Chris were obsessed with the game. They were even Ash and Misty for Halloween! I got a DSi and the game, where I discovered I LOVED Eevee and the subsequent evolutions. It's a surprise every time!

I think the fanart for Pokemon can be really surprisingly beautiful, especially for such a kiddie game!

The Internet seems to think Pokemon are as funny as I do...

This is the EXACT criteria I am looking for in a boyperson. If you know one like this, send him my way.

And finally, to end this silly post with a silly picture, here is Ash and Snorlax as characters from one of the best movies of all time, My Neighbor Totoro.

Did you/do you like Pokemon? Which was your favorite? I'm partial to Eevee and Squirtle!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

princess post- jasmine

Today's princess is that of the fiery Aladdin heroine, Jasmine. Beautiful and sassy, she's definitely one of my top Disney princesses.

My assistance in Jasmine love comes from my friend Andie, who writes of her favorite, "Growing up as a Filipino-American girl, I have to say, is certainly interesting. I never felt need to "be white" or anything like that, but it was certainly disheartening that there weren't many non-white characters to look up to in the early 1990's. I dutifully combed Barbie's platinum blonde hair and put on my Ariel mermaid costume, wondering why everything seemed to clash with my tanned skin. Then, Jasmine came along. Okay, sure she was an Arabian princess, but she was beautiful with her thick, long black hair, tanned skin, and big brown eyes. My parents bought a Jasmine costume for me immediately and I basically spend half my playtime sitting on a rug, hoping it would fly. And her singing voice was provided by popular Filipino actress-singer, Lea Salonga. I mean, I would wait patiently for an Asian Disney princess, but I would take what I got happily.

Not only was Jasmine an exotic beauty, but she was strong and courageous. She refused to live behind the palace walls and wanted to explore the world around her. So she might have been the damsel in distress for a moment, but she helped save herself and didn't leave it all up to Aladdin. And, she goes ahead and marries the man that she chose and loved. I mean, that's pretty darn fantastic if you ask me."
Modern Day Jasmine
Modern Day Jasmine by burningsobrightly featuring Alberta Ferretti dresses

And here is my take of the modern Jasmine:
jasmine by laurelcrowned featuring RM by Roland Mouret dresses

When I began researching for classic Jasmine images, I didn't find many. This is because, of course, Jasmine is essentially a Disney creation. The princess and wife of Aladdin in the original tale is a very different girl.

Wikipedia explains, "Badroulbadour is a Chinese princess whom Aladdin married in the story of The Story of Aladdin; or, the Wonderful Lamp.

When Aladdin finds the magic lamp he discovers that it contains a djinni that is bound to do the bidding of the person holding the lamp. With the aid of the djinni, Aladdin - an impoverished young man, who in other circumstances could not have aspired to marry a princess - becomes rich and powerful and marries princess Badroulbadour."

Here's a picture of what the original princess and Aladdin may have looked like:

However, this post is about Jasmine, and we will focus on the Disney creation. She has more of a personality than the original cultural icon of Badroulbadour, and I want to focus on the creative, fascinating princesses our society has accepted, even if she is a Disney construct.

Here are some images of a modern take on Disney's Jasmine:

Retro Jasmine

All uncredited images from

As for who would play her dream princess, Andie notes, "Okay, it has always been my dream for Aladdin to come to Broadway so I could play Jasmine onstage. However, if they ever wanted to do a modern adaptation of Aladdin, I would want them to pick a strong-willed actress who is also racially appropriate."

For me, I did some research and found Leila Behkti. She is a French Algerian actress, and she was in Paris je'taime. I think she is so beautiful! Ideally, I'd want a live action Jasmine to be of Middle Eastern descent, with a certain type of spark miss Jasmine possesses.

Next up is Snow White!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

my room

Now that I'm back living in Tucson, I'd like to share some photos of the room I live in while I'm here.

My room is actually not a room at all. It's a storage room that we transformed into a room. We fell in love with this two bedroom house, and our landlord graciously allowed the three of us to live here, with my taking the small spare room.

My lamp and bed stuff is from Target, the fabric from JoAnn's, the beautiful art purchased at the '09 Comic Con.

So beautiful! If you can't see it, it's a little girl with an umbrella on a monster's shoulders.

Then we turn and look! Some cubes from Target, some Polaroids, and a makeshift closet made out of homemade curtains. :) The curtains have little owls on them.

Cute! The plan was to change them with the seasons but I never did because my sewing machine's needle broke and I never got around to buying a new one.

Stuffff on top of the cubes.

The other side of the room. More monsters. A werewolf monster and a snakegirl monster, both purchased from Comic Con.

Also at Con, Mark Ryden was signing so I bought some postcards of him to sign and I strung up my favorites next to my closet.

Hope everyone liked looking at where I hang out! It's currently much much messier.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

oh dear!

School has prevented me from blogging every day like I'd like!

I did, however, find a new toy- If you have one, please friend me on it!

My friend Kaitlin kindly showed me this AMAZING fairy tale tattoo and I meant to post it yesterday for Tattuesday but sadly I just plum forgot!

no source except my friend Kaitlin!

I've been working on school... Here's a bumper sticker I made for my advertising class.

What creative endeavors have you been up to lately, dear readers?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

5 Golden Globe Dresses I Loved

The Guilty Pleasure

Glee's oh-so-charming Jayma Mays. I know this dress is so weird and crazy, but for some reason I find it (and her!) totally adorable. Congratulations Miss Mays on both the dress and the win.

The Princess
Another Gleek, Diana Agron is gorgeous in a Taylor Swift, Love Story princess kind of way. Love this dress. Love her. She's a total beauty and seems so sweet.

The Bombshell
Christina Hendricks. She's amazing. She was amazing on my favorite show Firefly, she is amazing as hard ass Joan on Mad Men, and she's amazing in this stunner by one of my favorites, Christian Siriano.

The Winner
Monique's speech was incredibly moving, and she looked wonderful while doing it. I love the way this dress drapes, and she makes this dress look awesome. The accessory of a statue doesn't hurt either!

The Favorite of the Night

Ginnifer Goodwin is a favorite of mine, style-wise and acting wise. I love her. I think she is such a heart, and she always looks so beautiful. I love love love this dress. I love how short it is, I love the color. I also love her hair! That cut is so precious on her, A+.

Pictures from oh no they didn't!

Friday, January 15, 2010

princess post: mulan

Some people do not consider Mulan a Disney princess because she is not technically a "princess". However, I find her one of the most important Disney females and I am proud to feature her today!

My friend Stacy was eager to do Mulan, and had this to stay of the wonderful woman: "I owe a lot to Mulan. Besides starring in the movie that convinced me to study both art and music, she was the first Disney female lead to fight her villain face-to-face and win, using cleverness and quick-thinking, rather than the brute strength her male companions were so fond of. She was able to follow her heart and speak her mind, and gain true friends and true love in the process. Not to mention, her soldier is adorably awkward, enough so that even in their blossoming romance, she's the one that has to steer them in the right direction. She's a role model (let's be honest: idol) in ways that I try to imitate to this day. Her devoted love, her stubborn outspokenness, her fierce cunning and bright ideas... She didn't just keep up with the boys; she kicked their collective rears. What's not to love?"

She created this beautiful Polyvore set.
Mulan by Stacy Duncan featuring American Eagle Outfitters

And had this to say of her choices, "Mulan's modern taste would be simple and classic. She needs something she can keep up with the boys in, be it well-fitted jeans, or a loose dress (with leggings, of course - no peeking!). For casual, day-to-day, she'll start with something boyish, then add cute shoes and some kind of flower or jewelry, so her friends remember she actually is a girl. Her hairstyle would be easy and out of the way. And always nearby, honored by a ring: her dragon guardian. :)"

Here's my version of the style Mulan would rock today:

mulan by laurelcrowned featuring Miss Selfridge

As you can see, I was cheesily into the idea of Mulan rocking the military jacket trend.

On googleimages, I found some wonderful pictures from the original story of Hua Mulan, but I don't know how accurate any of these pictures are- just google! However, they are all beautiful regardless!

And some modern interpretations of Mulan, from weheartit:
Unfortunately, not many modern artists have taken an opportunity to recreate Mulan. Here is a great group picture that features her and other Disney stars as Sailor Scouts!

Zhao Wei as Mulan in the 2009 adaptation of the legend.

When asked who she'd like to see portray Mulan in a movie, Stacy liked the idea of Liu Yi Fei...

...while I liked Zhang Jingchu, after looking up Chinese actresses.

Mulan is an incredibly important Disney role model. She's strong enough to take care of herself and her entire country, and I love her story.

Next up for the princesses is Jasmine!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to School

It's my first day of school for this semester.

I like school, but I don't like the first day! Everything is so nerve-wracking: Where do I sit? Who do I talk to? Will I find the classes on time? Will the professor make us play stupid getting to know you games? (Don't let anyone tell you those end after high school. They don't.) Will I meet a cute boy? Will I sit in silence the whole class?

I try to make the first day positive. I get dressed up. I do my make up and my hair. I go back to school shopping, which I love. I love new school supplies so I buy a fresh notebook, fresh pencils.

So before I go get ready for class, here are some images that are inspiring me to be excited about the first day. All are from weheartit, via "school" or "pencils".

Happy learning!