Sunday, April 4, 2010

movies: cracks

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope everyone's days are filled with candy, rabbits, hope, and love.

Today I watched a very beautiful and very tragic film called Cracks, starring Eva Green. It was a very disturbing films in some parts, but I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it! The clothing and sets were amazing, and all the actresses were really incredible.

My favorite parts were the girls' hair and clothes! I am dying for a pretty fabric headband like this, does anyone know where I could find a tutorial to make one, or a place to buy them?

The story tells of a group of girls who are infatuated with their beautiful and alluring instructor Miss G, played by Eva Green. A new girl comes and their Miss G begins to hold the new girl in high regards, making the others extremely jealous.

Eva Green, while delightfully disturbing in this movie, looks impeccable and beautiful!

I got these images from assorted places on Google, and Tea with the Vintage Baroness.

Here is the trailer!


  1. Looks creepy! Shall have to look out for it x

  2. @Little Bear Stories- You should! It's a fun movie, and even if you don't like the plotline, the clothes and sets are great!