Wednesday, April 14, 2010

goddesses p. 2

Okay! So so far I have a list of young ladies who want to participate in my Greek goddesses challenge. Once you've finished with that, email it to me at with something about goddesses in the subject line.

Here are those signed up!
Eris- LanguageTimothy
Psyche- Caitlin
Artemis- restlessgranola
Persephone- magnoliatree
Athena- flamingtoaster

If you'd like to join, let me know! I'll post them when I get them!


  1. Hey do you mind if I switch from the Fates to Eris? The Fates are proving hard to build on polyvore. I cant find scissors or a spinningwheel or spindle on there :(
    Eris was the goddess of chaos & discord! My fave :D

  2. Of course you can switch to Eris!