Thursday, February 18, 2010

girl crush: coco rocha

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I'd just like to take a minute to talk about my favorite model, Miss Coco Rocha. She's totally beautiful in a quirky way. She's funny and incredibly smart. She was recently attacked for being "too fat" to be a model. She fired back in a beautifully written and painfully honest blog post on her own blog, Oh So Coco.

I want to show my support by posting about my love for her and why she's my favorite model!

She's great at just being a model.

She's one of my main inspirations for dyeing my hair red.

She's got beautiful hair, even in her normal brunette color.

She was in my favorite editorial, a superhero themed one!

She's beautiful fresh faced.

She's a silly, bright girl who likes to just sing Disney songs with her awesome dad!

I could watch this a hundred times!

She's a great model, a good person, and she is totally delightful!


  1. I love this post!! I love coco rocha! :) Shes such a good model, I love Sasha Pivovora, from Russia, I love her quirky features & apprently she is working on a self written & illustrated book of russian fairytales with Karl Lagerfeld, I cant wait to see it :D:D

  2. @LanguageTimothy- She's so cute! Ah! I didn't know that about Sasha! You know how much I love fairytales, I'm excited now too!