Sunday, February 14, 2010

princess post: snow white

Today's Princess Post features the first Disney princess- the beautiful Snow White!

My dear friend Caitlin was happy to write Snow's manifesto. She writes, "Snow White was not always my favorite Disney Princess. Looking back, it's almost a little like she chose me instead of the other way around. You see, for most of my life growing up it was mostly just me, my mom, and my two sisters and everyone else had their princesses. My mom was one of the most beautiful people in the world to me and was blonde when she was younger and looked a lot to me like Sleeping Beauty, while Sarah had claimed Cinderella from an early age (since she was the oldest). Teresa was brunette and liked to read and loved Belle from the very beginning. But there I was and I still didn't know who I could relate to. It wasn't until I was talking to my grandmother about princesses and the like - as this was a very important decision to my eight-year-old self - that she told me about how when she was a little girl, the very first Disney Princess was introduced to the world. I look a great deal like my grandmother (both of us have very dark hair and pale skin) and I decided I liked the idea of choosing the very first. The pioneer. And ever since then it's been something that I've been able to share with my grandmother, especially when there's quite a few things we don't agree on. It reminds me of how similar we actually can be and how much I love her."

Her fashion choices for a modern day Miss Snow White are here:

Snow White
Snow White by makethingsfunny featuring American Eagle Outfitters sweaters

She writes, "I'm not the most fashion-savvy person, but hopefully you get the idea with this. Snow White is bright, primary colors, showing her playful spirit. She's also very much feminine simplicity and fifties class. She's just one of Those Girls."

I love this! I went a little more costumey with my own Polyvore.

snow white
snow white by laurelcrowned featuring Melissa shoes

Snow White has long been an aesthetic favorite of mine. Just her look- pale skin, black hair, red lips!- is so striking. I love the images of the apples and what it can represent. Here are some beautiful fairy tale illustrations from the great Sur La Lune.

And here are some modern interpretations of Snow White, all from

When asked who would portray her favorite princess in a modern day adaptation, Caitlin was quick to decide on the lovely Zooey Deschanel.
My choice skews a little nontraditional, but I would love to see one of my favorite actresses, the incomparable Zhang Ziyi, portray a new version of the fair princess.


  1. love this post! hope you are feeling better xx

  2. @Alexandra Mason Thank you so much! I'm working on it!

  3. I want those outfits :o I would love to see Zooey play snow white in a movie! I think if tim burton is making Alice in wonderland: through the looking glass, he should make a Snow white :D & zooey should play her :D:D

  4. @LanguageTimothy- Wouldn't that be amazing?? Were you still interested in doing Belle, my friend?

  5. Of course :D
    Shall I make & said it to you??

  6. Oh & I left you an award on my Blog because I love yours so much :D:D

  7. Cuuute photos! Love Zooey Deschanel!! And the red with yellow shoes is adorable :)

  8. this post was so cool. all the interpretations of Snow White. i thoroughly enjoyed the read!

  9. @LanguageTimothy- Yes! I'd like a Polyvore, why she's your favorite, and who you'd like to play her! Thank you so much!

    AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWARD! I'll check it out! I'm so honored!! <3

    @Trains and Sewing Machines- Thank you! <333 She's so pretty!

    @Lemon- Thanks so much!