Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i'll follow you until you love me

Sorry I was gone for so long! I'll try to ease my way back into posting with a simple fact...

Here's some rather silly interpretations of Gaga and why she is being mind controlled by the Illuminati. Here's my favorite article on the occult symbolism in Bad Romance!

My opinion on Lady Gaga is that she's just fun. There is nothing deeper to her, good or "evil". She's talented, creative, and this generation's "glitter innovator". She gets her stuff from Grace Jones, David Bowie, Elton John- all people I too love and admire. I love her stuff, but I truly doubt there's any deep meaning behind it.


  1. my manmate is a sucker for conspiracy theories, so i'm not going to let him see this.

    i think you're on the right path though. she's just an entertainer doing her "job".

  2. @chelseybell- I love some conspiracy theories, but most of them, like this one, are just so silly!

  3. I love Lady Gaga, she's so unique and her music is so catchy!