Friday, February 26, 2010

princess post: ariel

Today's princess is one of my personal favorites, Ariel.

Commentary on this beautiful girl comes from another beautiful girl, my dear friend Sara. She writes, "While I will always connect with Belle for her bookworm ways and willingness to be different from the status quo, Ariel will forever be my homegirl. I'd like to think that I have some of her essence, notably her perseverance (or as some say, stubbornness) and her independence. She is curious, and loves to learn about and collect things. She is willing to defy her expected role in life and go for her goal, whether it be to see beyond her own world or to get her true love. To do all of this outside of her element and even without a voice makes her that much stronger and more admirable. That she was a mermaid with awesome hair and a cohort of awesome sidekicks was just icing on the cake."

Her beautiful Polyvore set is here:

Of the clothing choices, she writes, "Outfits: Ariel has so many awesome outfits that I couldn't just choose one. To keep the sea close to her heart, she would wear a seahorse necklace and starfish ring. Replacing her tail and clamshells are boot cut jeans with a cami and cardigan while the 80s-tastic ball gown becomes a bit classier and the 'date' dress is nautically influenced. She also has her trusty totes for picking up more treasures for her grotto!"

Adorable! Totally love the inspirations for this.

My Polyvore skews more costumey, AS ALWAYS, because I love costumes.

ariel by laurelcrowned featuring Notte by Marchesa dresses

Ariel is one of my favorites for a lot of different reasons. I see Ariel as a rather transition princess- from the classic, demure princesses like Snow White and Aurora (while also awesome in their own quiet ways), Ariel is the beginning of princesses who are more outspoken. She inaugurates a generation of fierce Disney girls who go after what they want. Ariel has, in my opinion, the best Disney princess songs, voice, and hair! She was a major redspiration for my own hair dying adventures.

Of course, Ariel wasn't always the rebellious redhead Disney created her to be.

The original story is much, much darker, ending with the little mermaid's ultimate demise. It's a beautiful and haunting tale, and I urge you to read up on it, and view more beautiful illustrations at these images' source, Sur La Lune. The story also features her sisters (as pictured in the first image here) much more prominently. Amazing stuff!

Here are some images of modern artists doing their own take on Miss Ariel!

(all images from
As for who will play the sassy princess, amazingly, Sara and I came up with the same actress! We chose Emma Stone, the fun star of Superbad and Zombieland. She rocks the red hair, and she's got great comic energy, which is something any Ariel portrayal needs to possess!

Next up, my personal favorite: Belle! She will be discussed by a very special blogger...


  1. Such beautiful sets! I Love the clam & pearl necklace!! & I also think Emma stone would be amazing :D:D

  2. ariel's my fave!

    and emma stone is a great,great choice.

  3. @LanguageTimothy- I wish the clam and pearl necklace was my own!

    @chelseybell- I love Ariel! She's so great. Ad Emma Stone would be so cute!

  4. I love this post! Ariel was my favorite :)

  5. @San Smith- Thank you! She's so so so much fun!