Sunday, May 9, 2010

adventures of bobby ray

Let's talk hip hop. I love hip hop! My favorites are Jay Z, Kanye West, and Mrs. Jay Z, Beyonce Knowles. I like the new stuff on the radio too- Justin Bieber's Baby and Sean Kingston's Eenie Meenie are my two guilty pleasures right now!

I'm really interested in this young new thing named B.o.B. I'm listening to his album on youtube. I think he's really cute, so that's why I'm curious!
I have a HUGE things for boys in glasses and sweaters!

His album's title is adorable as well.

His hit right now, and here's the video!

He is so dang cute in this video!

His song with Hayley Williams and Eminem:

And a really beautiful song:

AND he has a song featuring a boyfriend of mine, Rivers Cuomo from Weezer!

Who are you into these days?


  1. Im not really a Hip-Hop lover tbh, I love indie bands & rock n roll lol!
    But In work they always play hip hop channels & the song Nothin on you is my fave at the moment :D ♥

  2. @LanguageTimothy- I love indie and rock n roll too! Sadly, I don't like a lot of the current rock they play on the radio here, and indie bands never get played! So I've been listening to hip hop more and more and I like it!