Monday, May 17, 2010

Some pictures!

Some photographs from recently! This is also sort of my love story to Target.

I wore this Target dress to my first day of summer classes today! I'm taking a really fun class on horror and sci fi movies, and another one about interviews, resumes, internships. I hope it'll be interesting!

I bought this in the little girl's section of Target. It's part of a pajama set that I got for around ten dollars. Although it's technically pajamas, I wear it as a normal top. It's got super cute animals on it- birds, lambs, bunnies.

Finally, my darling roommate picked this up at a Goodwill! It's a super cute ceramic bowl... container... thing. It's a walnut with a squirrel on top! I love it but we don't know what to put in it... Got any suggestions?

Hope everything's going wonderfully!

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