Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sundate 2!

Next in my Sundate project! This is when I make Polyvores for 50 dates with 50 fictional characters. This is the second installment!

Let's go gaming with Topher Brink from Dollhouse!

Ah! I loved Topher so much from Dollhouse. Although this Joss Whedon show was not among his best, I have a theory that the show was really all a study of this character. Topher and I would play video games and flirt while he was very smart and witty.

Next, let's have dessert with L from Death Note!

If you haven't seen Death Note, you're missing out! An anime and live action movie, the plotline is too complicated to explain here. But basically, L is a fantastic, dark character who is extremely strange but very intelligent. We would eat candy and chocolate and he would say strange things.

I would also love to spend an afternoon with George Michael Bluth from Arrested Development!

George Michael Bluth worked at his family's banana stand. We would work there one afternoon, and we would be delightfully awkward. We would talk about everything and eat chocolate covered bananas. There then would be a misunderstanding with his crazy family.

I'd also love to spend a night flying with Wash from Firefly!

Ah, Firefly. One of my favorite shows of all time. Wash was the pilot of a spaceship. We would spend the night in the cockpit, just watching the stars and telling jokes. He would be silly but incredibly sweet.

Finally, tea with the Mad Hatter from SyFy's reboot of Alice in Wonderland, Alice!

This movie was so strange! However, I thought the boy who played the Mad Hatter was seriously adorable! The Mad Hatter and I would, what else? Drink tea! He would be kind of mean and I would be kind of sassy, and we would have a splendid time!

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