Monday, December 21, 2009

12 wonderful things about Christmas

My darling friend Rachel visited me tonight and gave me a beautiful charm bracelet with the 12 days of Christmas on it- you know, on the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... and that got me thinking. What are my 12 favorite things about Christmas?

12. the lights
I personally love the Christmas lights. They're beautiful and make the night seem so magical. I recently spent time with a friend and her young nephew, and during the day, he sadly pointed to the unlit string lights and told me, "the pretties are sleeping." Isn't that sweet?

11. the food
Christmas cookies! The best. There's a reason Santa eats them. And for my family, we make dinner every year for the whole family. The last couple years, we did a Mexican Christmas as my mother's side is Mexican. We eat enchiladas and salsa and it is just amazing. Mmm.

10. the gifts
Of course! Getting presents from loved ones is always a treat, no matter what

9. the break
It's not just a break from school. It often seems like a break from life. A little slice of Christmastime, where the world becomes different for a few days.

8. the weather
In Arizona, we don't get very much snow. None at all, where my parents live. But it is still chilly, still so much colder than usual. There is nothing better than waking up on a cold morning and being warm and toasty in your bed!

7. giving the perfect gift
Now, getting the presents are awesome. But there's something about giving the right person the right gift that makes Christmas so special.

6. the tree
Okay, so decorating the tree can sometimes be a pain. I usually love it- my family does it together and we drink egg nog and play Christmas music. And taking down the tree is the worst chore of the year. But late at night, when I'm up to get a glass of water, and the tree is shining in the living room... Magic.

5. the TV specials and movies
There were some good ones this year! Modern Family and the Office were both hysterical with theirs. And then there's the old staples- Charlie Brown and his sweet tree. Even if you hate Christmas, there's always movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night where there is a serial killer dressed up as Santa, or Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thorton. There's something for everyone!

4. the toys
Oh man. It is toy season. Not just for cool new Barbies or beautiful Transformers, but for grown ups too. The movies come out in full force, the music is released. It's playtime.

3. christmas eve
there's always something, when it's dark on Christmas Eve. It's special somehow. I always read some of Little Women under a blanket.

2. santa
yes, virginia.

1. familytime
My favorite morning of the year, sitting around and opening presents with my favorite people in the world.


  1. CANDYCANES! & the smells :)
    My mum always burns oils in my house at christmas so when you walk through the door the smells of Cranberry and mulled wine, cinnamomn and nutmeg greet you! Its amazing :) Merry Christmas btw XD

  2. merry christmas to you too!

    your house sounds like it would smell amazing!