Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Inspired by Dorm Life's mention of a "Temporary Tattuesday", I want to talk about some of my favorite tattoos. I don't have any currently, but I truly admire and love looking at well done tattoos.

Today's theme is text tattoos. I love, love text tattoos.
NOTE: I got these images from Flickr, Tumblr, and other sites. All are credited, but if one of these are yours and would like me to credit or take down the image, let me know and I'll do so immediately!

I love this one. This is my very favorite text tattoo. The story goes as follows:

"Beth Loster, 24, a San Francisco writer and waitress was a student at UC Berkeley when she met a young man who said, "Hey, we have tattoos in the same font."
The text of her tattoo - "clad in the panoply of love" - came from "Science & Health" by Mary Baker Eddy. His tattoo, also in a "typewriter" typeface, was in Latin. (She can't recall the translation.)
The text of Loster's next tattoo was written by that young man, who had become her boyfriend. Before leaving for South America, where he was going to study, he left a note on her refrigerator that began, "this is on account of my loving you forever." That phrase - in the form of a tattoo - offered her comfort when he was killed in a car accident in Brazil."

Beautiful. I love tattoos that mean something, and this one just takes my breath away!

I also love text tattoos on the wrist. Even though white ink is something controversial, I do love how it looks.

adjiajdia I love Harry Potter so much, so of course I love this one! If you can't read it, it says "lumos", which is the spell to bring light.

Neck tattoos are usually not my thing, but model Freja Beha's tattoo on her neck is gorgeous!

Then there is Shelley Jackson's insane tattoo project SKIN. It is "a 2095-word story published exclusively in tattoos, one word at a time, on the skin of volunteers." Amazing! There are only some pictures from the site of people's tattoos so far, but this was my favorite.

Do you have any favorite text tattoos?


  1. Im a tattoo addict I love them, soon Im having rosary beads on my ankle, im not religous but they just look so pretty. I love Freja Behas Float tattoo, she did an interview on it in aug 08s Vogue. It meant "Float through life, dont sink." Love it. Great post XD
    Nico :)♥

  2. that's an awesome meaning for the tattoo!

    i'd ove to see your rosary when you get it done, be sure to post pictures!