Wednesday, December 23, 2009

wow wow wednesday

What I wore Wednesday!
Plain, boring blue dress: Forever 21
Crazy fuzzy grandma sweater: Deep in my closet
Sweater tights: My mama
Red Dorothy shoes: Toms Shoes from my school's bookstore

Please excuse the mess and the photobooth photograph. My camera cord is at home and I'm a mess!

Crazy hair + crazy face were also apart of my outfit.

Haha is that title too cheesy? Perhaps Wednesday will turn into something else later on. Anyway, I do have some very cool links to share today!

At the wonderful San Smith's blog, she has free downloadable gift tags! This goes wonderfully with my post on making your own wrapping paper. I didn't even think about tags, and hers are BEAUTIFUL! Click on the picture above to go to her post with the tags.

Amazing pictures of animals in the womb! Check out more here at Geekologie.

This flickr set has amazing, amazing vintage portraits of gay couples from times past. They're beautiful and very adorable!

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