Sunday, December 27, 2009

something i love sunday

Today I love cyborg girls.

Love how haunted this girl looks! I'd love to know the artist, if anyone has any idea.
According to the tag on weheartit, this is by Jeffery Scott.

The wonderful Maria from the wonderful Metropolis.
I never watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but I think Summer Glau is so beautiful!

I love old pulp sci fi!

and robot boys can't be forgotten either!

There's something very strange and lovely about robot love stories. I'm terrified of robots in real life, or in apocalyptic movies, but robot love stories are something else entirely! I love Battlestar Galactica, especially the Cylon love stories. I'm a sucker for some hard wired hearts.

All images from, via "cyborg" or "robot".


  1. Now I think about it, Im terrified of robots! :O
    They scare me. Ever since I watched A.I and I, Robot & Terminator, they all made me scared of the future! Great, I have found a new fear. Man Im weird :P

  2. @LanguageTimothy, don't get me wrong! I'm afraid of robots too! I don't like hearing about robots in real life.

  3. dont even get my sister and i started on how we are afraid of robots killing us all. although i love vintage robots.... the nice kind :)