Saturday, December 19, 2009

some questions to answer

Who are you?
My name is Laura. I'm just a college kid trying to figure everything out and post pretty pictures at the same time. I like nail polish and cardigans and dresses and dogs and cats and I don't like mean people, tomatoes, and losing battles in Pokemon.

Why "hartichoke"?
It comes from a wonderful little movie called Amelie, in which there is a line "even artichokes have hearts". Hartichokes!

What do you do?

I study! I read. I write. I watch a love of movies. I split my life between Tucson and Phoenix. I love to craft, and hopefully will be featuring some of my projects here!

What are the quotes in the sidebar?
Some of my favorite books: Peter Pan, a Little Princess, and the Princess Bride.

(don't remember the source!)
What do you wish for?
A Disney ending.


  1. OMG that book necklace is absolutely AMAZING :D
    Sorry I kinda get over excited lol but yeah that necklace is fab i want it XD
    & that Mini collage of the disney princesses is so sweet! Belle & Ariel were always my favourites ♥♥

  2. isn't it?! i wish i knew where they were selling it, it's be my favorite necklace!

    belle is my favorite. <3

    following you, darling!

  3. lol I just noticed losing battle at pokemon! I hate losing them too!