Wednesday, December 30, 2009

wow wow wednesday

Hello! Brief post today. Today I'm going with my Tucson roommates to Out of Africa, a wildlife park here in Arizona. Hopefully I'll have pictures to post!

Here's What I Wore yesterday to see A Single Man with some friends, and to hang out with my dog.

Amazing dress that everyone has: Target
Tights: my mama
Toms shoes (not pictured) u of a bookstore
hat: me!

Some pictures from the beautiful A Single Man:
Matthew Goode was amazing. So talented!
Julianne Moore was as beautiful as ever.
Colin Firth was incredible. Stopped my heart.

Most importantly... My boyfriend Lee Pace was in it!
So beautiful! I love him to death, I'll make a Lee Pace post soon.

The movie was as beautiful as you'd expect from Tom Ford. I think the beauty got to him; a couple times the movie seemed a bit overdirected. But the acting was heartbreaking, and each shot was from a, well, Tom Ford ad- in a good way! Nicholas Hoult was also in the movie, from About a Boy and Skins, and he was very, very good. Overall, really heartwrenching movie.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Looking forward to your Lee Pace post! Have a lovely new years eve tomorrow xx

  2. super cute dress! my glasses are oliver people's brand, they are definitely the best pair i've ever had :)

  3. @Alex Mason- thank you so much! you too!

    @ariel- thanks so much for the glasses tip! :)