Wednesday, January 20, 2010

oh dear!

School has prevented me from blogging every day like I'd like!

I did, however, find a new toy- If you have one, please friend me on it!

My friend Kaitlin kindly showed me this AMAZING fairy tale tattoo and I meant to post it yesterday for Tattuesday but sadly I just plum forgot!

no source except my friend Kaitlin!

I've been working on school... Here's a bumper sticker I made for my advertising class.

What creative endeavors have you been up to lately, dear readers?


  1. oh my gosh that tattoo is amazing!!

  2. It took me a second and third look before I realized what "Loco for Coco (Menos for Leno)" said/meant.

    And when I did . . .

    my heart was happy.

  3. Wow that tattoo is awsumm, your making me want a new :D

  4. Ha lol let me rephrase that Your making me want a new one,& I love your moving photo, that is sooo cool :)

  5. @San Isn't it beautiful?? I'm amazed by how much detail is in it!

    @particlebored Haha, I'm glad you liked it!

    @LanguageTimothy What's your other tattoo of?

  6. I have a lily on my wrist & a hibiscus flower on my ankle, angel wings on my back, a peace sign on my left wrist & a rosary bead wrapped around my left ankle lol i have a few, im a addicted :D

  7. @Language Timothy- those sound beautiful! Have you posted pictures on your blog?