Friday, January 15, 2010

princess post: mulan

Some people do not consider Mulan a Disney princess because she is not technically a "princess". However, I find her one of the most important Disney females and I am proud to feature her today!

My friend Stacy was eager to do Mulan, and had this to stay of the wonderful woman: "I owe a lot to Mulan. Besides starring in the movie that convinced me to study both art and music, she was the first Disney female lead to fight her villain face-to-face and win, using cleverness and quick-thinking, rather than the brute strength her male companions were so fond of. She was able to follow her heart and speak her mind, and gain true friends and true love in the process. Not to mention, her soldier is adorably awkward, enough so that even in their blossoming romance, she's the one that has to steer them in the right direction. She's a role model (let's be honest: idol) in ways that I try to imitate to this day. Her devoted love, her stubborn outspokenness, her fierce cunning and bright ideas... She didn't just keep up with the boys; she kicked their collective rears. What's not to love?"

She created this beautiful Polyvore set.
Mulan by Stacy Duncan featuring American Eagle Outfitters

And had this to say of her choices, "Mulan's modern taste would be simple and classic. She needs something she can keep up with the boys in, be it well-fitted jeans, or a loose dress (with leggings, of course - no peeking!). For casual, day-to-day, she'll start with something boyish, then add cute shoes and some kind of flower or jewelry, so her friends remember she actually is a girl. Her hairstyle would be easy and out of the way. And always nearby, honored by a ring: her dragon guardian. :)"

Here's my version of the style Mulan would rock today:

mulan by laurelcrowned featuring Miss Selfridge

As you can see, I was cheesily into the idea of Mulan rocking the military jacket trend.

On googleimages, I found some wonderful pictures from the original story of Hua Mulan, but I don't know how accurate any of these pictures are- just google! However, they are all beautiful regardless!

And some modern interpretations of Mulan, from weheartit:
Unfortunately, not many modern artists have taken an opportunity to recreate Mulan. Here is a great group picture that features her and other Disney stars as Sailor Scouts!

Zhao Wei as Mulan in the 2009 adaptation of the legend.

When asked who she'd like to see portray Mulan in a movie, Stacy liked the idea of Liu Yi Fei...

...while I liked Zhang Jingchu, after looking up Chinese actresses.

Mulan is an incredibly important Disney role model. She's strong enough to take care of herself and her entire country, and I love her story.

Next up for the princesses is Jasmine!


  1. I never thought Mulan could be a true story!! Ill have to watch that Film. Love the sets, I would Love to see Ziyi Zhang as Mulan, shes my favourite actor :)

  2. @LanguageTimothy- I loveeee Zhang Ziyi! She's so beautiful.