Sunday, January 17, 2010

5 Golden Globe Dresses I Loved

The Guilty Pleasure

Glee's oh-so-charming Jayma Mays. I know this dress is so weird and crazy, but for some reason I find it (and her!) totally adorable. Congratulations Miss Mays on both the dress and the win.

The Princess
Another Gleek, Diana Agron is gorgeous in a Taylor Swift, Love Story princess kind of way. Love this dress. Love her. She's a total beauty and seems so sweet.

The Bombshell
Christina Hendricks. She's amazing. She was amazing on my favorite show Firefly, she is amazing as hard ass Joan on Mad Men, and she's amazing in this stunner by one of my favorites, Christian Siriano.

The Winner
Monique's speech was incredibly moving, and she looked wonderful while doing it. I love the way this dress drapes, and she makes this dress look awesome. The accessory of a statue doesn't hurt either!

The Favorite of the Night

Ginnifer Goodwin is a favorite of mine, style-wise and acting wise. I love her. I think she is such a heart, and she always looks so beautiful. I love love love this dress. I love how short it is, I love the color. I also love her hair! That cut is so precious on her, A+.

Pictures from oh no they didn't!


  1. I Love Diane Agrons dress, it looks a little like my prom dress :) I love that silver grey colour, but yeah I think Moniques dress Is beautiful on her :)

  2. @LanguageTimothy I'm so glad you agree! <3

  3. Oh Gosh Jayma Mays is SO cute. I love Glee so much!