Friday, January 8, 2010

princess post: aurora

This is a new post I'll be doing here on my blog for the next week or so. I'll be focusing on Disney princesses and the people who love them. Today's princess is...

My good friend Rachel's favorite princess is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. She writes, "Aurora's my favorite Disney Princess because she's a nature-loving dreamer who gets to walk around barefoot throughout most of the film. She's friends with all the forest animals, sings, and loves strongly. The animation Sleeping Beauty is just one of my favorites... Not to mention, being awakened by a magical kiss doesn't sound too bad."

Rachel thinks that Aurora would wear this if she was alive today:

and she says, "Aurora's look today would be simple and sweet. She needs sunglasses to protect her eyes from the sun and rainboots for tromping around in the dirt all day. Add a nature-friendly tote bag, and an owl necklace with a flower hair barrette in honor of her forest friends and she's good to go for her daily adventures! ...Don't forget the pink and blue dress to not show favoritism from her fairy guardians!"

My own take on Aurora is slightly different:

Here are two outfits I could see Aurora wearing- one to dance with her prince, and one to take a walk through the forest- perhaps late at night, due to the insomnia she'd suffer from after such a long sleep.

Here are some of my favorite fairy tale images of Sleeping Beauty:

You can find all the images and great fairy tale information here.
And here are some fun, modern takes on Sleeping Beauty:

"Sexy" Sleeping Beauty
"Twisted" Aurora.

All above images circa
Rachel would like to see Marion Cotillard play her favorite princess in a revisioned movie for modern audiences...

...whereas I would love to see Jessica Stam play the thoughtful princess.

The next post will feature the wonderful Cinderella with guest comments by my dear friend Becky. If you'd like to make a Polyvore, recast your princess and tell me why your favorite princess is your favorite, let me know!


  1. I like your friend's vision of Aurora. It seems much more naturalistic, which to me, is something that clearly represents Aurora.

    By doing all of this you've introduced me to Polyvore - yay! I might do Ariel just for fun for myself - if I like it when it's done, might I share it? =)

  2. Thanks! I'll let her know.

    Sure. I have someone doing Ariel, but I'd love both of your interpretations.

  3. I Love these outfits :)
    I think Marion Cotillard would be superb as Aurora :)

    Love this posty :D

  4. Marion has just such a beautiful look!