Wednesday, January 27, 2010

you teach me & i'll teach you

Me and my beautiful roommate Sarah... This is unfortunately what I've been wearing a lot lately: jeans, messy hair, and a big grandma sweater.

Today, I'd like to talk about one of my favorite things of the moment: Pokemon. Since I've gotten my DSi, one of my FAVORITE games to play is Pokemon Platinum. I name my character names I wish I had (Talulla is her current moniker) and I always use to Piplup, who this time is named Pippin.

All images below are from here or here.

I watched the original show as a child...

...And when I got to college, my roommate Casie and her boyfriend Chris were obsessed with the game. They were even Ash and Misty for Halloween! I got a DSi and the game, where I discovered I LOVED Eevee and the subsequent evolutions. It's a surprise every time!

I think the fanart for Pokemon can be really surprisingly beautiful, especially for such a kiddie game!

The Internet seems to think Pokemon are as funny as I do...

This is the EXACT criteria I am looking for in a boyperson. If you know one like this, send him my way.

And finally, to end this silly post with a silly picture, here is Ash and Snorlax as characters from one of the best movies of all time, My Neighbor Totoro.

Did you/do you like Pokemon? Which was your favorite? I'm partial to Eevee and Squirtle!


  1. I LOVE POKEMON!!! I seriously was obcessed with it, I honestly think I had over a million pokemon cards & I still have the all :D Gyrados, Gloom, Vileplume & jigglypuff had to be my faves. I havent watched the newset serires though :( & Im always having pokemin battles with my friends on th DS lol :D

  2. @LanguageTimothy- Yeah, I haven't watched the show since I was a kid but I love the game!

  3. Oh mah gah Pokemon post!!

    I remember rushing home to catch Pokemon on the WB at 4:00 when I was in elementary school <3

    I recently got into playing the trading card game with some friends - it's SO MUCH FUN!!

    I have at least 3 Pokemon related questions for you:

    1) Are you aware that if you can get out to a GameStop right now, you can download a special Pichu into your game of Platinum??? And starting on the 27th or so, the downloadable Pokemon is Jirachi.

    2) ARE YOU GETTING HEARTGOLD OR SOULSILVER?!? Comes out on March 14. And the Pokewalker thing it comes with is COOL.

    3) Who's your fave Pokemon?!?