Monday, January 4, 2010

magic monday

So, on this Magic Monday, I'd like to talk about some of my favorite literary heroines. These aren't nearly all of them, but some that I thought of while making this post. Most of my favorite female book characters are children at the beginning, and I wondered what they would be doing, wearing, and thinking at 22, my age.

Wendy Darling, Peter Pan.
girlchild who went with her younger brothers to neverland, where they had adventures and she took care of them.

Wendy would be a pretty young governess with her hands filled with rowdy boys who thought she was their mother. She would wear white and blue and her shoes would always be spotless. She wouldn't go on adventures anymore, because adventures were for little boys who were allowed to get their shoes dirty. She wouldn't mind translating Latin, but sometimes at night she would stand on the edge of the windowsill and pray. She'd pray to Peter, please please please. Come back.

Dorothy Gale, Wizard of Oz
girlchild who went to oz, where she had adventures and saved a whole world

Dorothy would be so over Kansas. She'd get the hell out of Dodge and become a pin up classic. She'd like the sailor look- blue dress like she used to wear, red heels for irony, and red lips for smiling. She'd pose and laugh and never look back. The yellow brick road followed her this time.

Alice, Alice in Wonderland
girlchild who went to wonderland, where everyone was mad and even the flowers had faces

Alice would never grow up like Wendy and Dorothy. She'd spend her days wandering the gardens and being dreamy. She'd look for men who wore top hats and spoke in riddles. She'd smile when she found one but she'd never be satisfied. She wanted to keep looking, because searching was the fun part. She liked the rabbit hole. She liked Wonderland. She liked childish things and would never put them away.

And now for a couple more recent novels.

Merricat, We Have Always Lived in the Castle
girlchild who lives with her sister and insane uncle in the house where their family was murdered, where she is very odd.
merricat by laurelcrowned featuring Ymc

Merricat would still be a little bit mad. She'd never grow out of that, that was what being insane meant. She'd wear only dark clothes, and lost necklaces she found in other people's lawns. She hated shoes and never wore them. She didn't like the way her toes pinched and twisted, forced into a little dark spot where they could never wiggle.

Eli, Let the Right One In
girlchild who is a scary child vampire.

Eli's style wouldn't change much. She'd wear oversize shirts with stripes, skinny jeans and men's shoes. Maybe a watch necklace. To keep time and irony. Eli could never grow old as a child vampire, but maybe she'd imagine it. She'd wear regular clothes and regular shoes and hold hands with the blonde boy who slept next to her.

What are your favorite girl heroes?


  1. ooo these outfits are so fabulous! wendy's i think is my favorite but i love the tights from the alice ensemble. i want all of these outfits please! :)

  2. I Love the outfit for Let the right one in. Merricat has got to be one of my favourite books :D
    I love Violet Baudelaire From a series of Unfortunate Events. Where In the middle of Chaos or danger, she will invent something to save her and her siblings ♥

  3. @Ariel- thanks! I wish I could afford these outfits myself!

    @LanguageTimothy- I loveee Merricat. She's so awesome! And I LOVE Violet Baudelaire! I actually regretted not including her in this post!