Sunday, January 24, 2010

my room

Now that I'm back living in Tucson, I'd like to share some photos of the room I live in while I'm here.

My room is actually not a room at all. It's a storage room that we transformed into a room. We fell in love with this two bedroom house, and our landlord graciously allowed the three of us to live here, with my taking the small spare room.

My lamp and bed stuff is from Target, the fabric from JoAnn's, the beautiful art purchased at the '09 Comic Con.

So beautiful! If you can't see it, it's a little girl with an umbrella on a monster's shoulders.

Then we turn and look! Some cubes from Target, some Polaroids, and a makeshift closet made out of homemade curtains. :) The curtains have little owls on them.

Cute! The plan was to change them with the seasons but I never did because my sewing machine's needle broke and I never got around to buying a new one.

Stuffff on top of the cubes.

The other side of the room. More monsters. A werewolf monster and a snakegirl monster, both purchased from Comic Con.

Also at Con, Mark Ryden was signing so I bought some postcards of him to sign and I strung up my favorites next to my closet.

Hope everyone liked looking at where I hang out! It's currently much much messier.


  1. Your room is so cool! I love nosing at peoples rooms! I want the bedcover, its so pretty!! Is this a house you share with friends??

  2. @LanguageTimothy I do share it with two lovely friends, yes!

  3. Your room is sooooooo cute!! I love how you've decorated it, and made it cozy :) The monster poster is adorable, and I love those prints from Comic Con

  4. Oooh oooh oooh!! I found out where you can get those awsumm book necklaces!! Heres the link :D

  5. @Trains and Sewing Machines- thank you so much!! I'm glad you think it's cozy!

    @LanguageTimothy- YESSS!

  6. Love looking at your room :) hope you are having a fun week xx

  7. @Alexandra Mason- thank you so much!

    @Language Timothy- You SO do!